Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening can do wonders for your confidence. Removing yellow stains from teeth allows you to flaunt a vibrant smile everywhere you go. Moreover, whitening treatment is a straightforward, safe, and effective procedure.

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Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Teeth commonly lose their white shine and begin to yellow with age. This discoloration can worsen from several different factors, including:

  • Teeth-staining foods and drinks such as red wine, coffee, soda, and soy sauce
  • Cigarettes and other tobacco products
  • Poor oral hygiene

Reducing your intake of common teeth-staining foods, drinks, and tobacco and maintaining a healthy oral hygiene regimen will help keep your natural teeth white for longer. This is true whether or not you undergo teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

While solutions like whitening toothpaste, strips, and trays are available, an office treatment will yield the best whitening results. Over-the-counter teeth whitening methods are weaker than professional teeth whitening treatments, and they are for the general public rather than customized for each individual.


During a teeth whitening from My Dentist of Port St. Lucie, our dentist, Dr. Viera, utilizes a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. This gel penetrates your tooth enamel and breaks up any stains, safely and effectively restoring the appealing white shade to your teeth. Dr. Viera will cover your lips and gums during the procedure so that the hydrogen peroxide gel only affects the teeth.

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At My Dentist of Port St. Lucie, we also offer custom-made trays and hydrogen peroxide gel as a take-home whitening treatment. This take-home treatment can be used as an alternative to the in-office treatment or as a follow-up to maintain your white teeth. Simply put the gel inside the tray, which we’ll mold to perfectly fit your teeth, and place the tray inside your mouth for a couple of hours every night for as long as your dentist recommends.

Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

While adverse side effects of a professional teeth whitening treatment are uncommon, some patients have experienced some minor issues, including:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Irritation of the throat, stomach, or soft tissue
  • Inflamed teeth
  • Return of discoloration

Be sure to talk to Dr. Viera immediately if you experience any side effects, and don’t hesitate to voice any concerns about your whitening treatment.

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment from My Dentist of Port St. Lucie

teeth whitening from My Dentist of Port St. Lucie is your doorway to whiter teeth and a brighter smile. Our treatments are safe and effective, leaving you smiling cheek to cheek after your visit. We’ll do away with that unappealing discoloration and give you a confidence boost.


For any questions regarding our teeth whitening treatment, feel free to talk to any of our friendly staff. Call My Dentist of Port St. Lucie at (772) 878-7525 to schedule a professional teeth whitening appointment.

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