Family Dentistry

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Family Dentistry

Modern technology allows today’s dentists to provide beautiful smiles with minimal discomfort for the patients. At My Dentist of Port St. Lucie, we use the latest technologies to improve our dental treatments and provide the best possible experience for all our patients. This page will cover some technologies we use when providing family dentistry services.

Digital X-Rays with Minimal Radiation

X-rays allow medical professionals to find and diagnose problems below the surface of the patient’s skin. For example, in dentistry, this technology enables us to look within your teeth to see signs of infection or damage. Although older X-rays can cause high radiation levels, the digital machines we use at My Dentist of Port St. Lucie emit far less than older devices.

Intra-Oral Cameras

Camera technology is becoming increasingly compact and practical. Intra-oral cameras are tiny high-definition cameras that dentists can insert into the patient’s mouth to see infections or injuries from a different angle. While these devices aren’t always as effective as X-rays or other imaging techniques, they are a valuable tool for most modern dentists.

iTero Scanner

Computer software allows medical professionals to model injuries and treatment plans in a far more complex way than they previously could, and the iTero scanner is an excellent example. This program allows us to create three-dimensional models of patients’ teeth, enabling dentists to visualize how they can conduct repairs and create a more comprehensive treatment plan.

CT Scanner

Our team turns to our state-of-the-art CT scanner for situations requiring a more detailed image than X-rays can provide. This device uses cone beam imaging to create a precise three-dimensional image of the patient’s mouth, enabling a more thorough examination. So if you struggle to find a diagnosis after X-rays, our team can help.

Soft Tissue Lasers

Dentists can often use lasers to treat and repair oral injuries and infections. Since they create high heat levels, lasers cauterize the tissue they contact as the procedure develops. In addition, these devices are precise, so they can speed both the time of the process and the recovery after the fact.

Topical Anaesthetic

At My Dentist of Port St. Lucie, we strive to keep our family dentistry patients comfortable during every treatment. However, many patients feel anxious about receiving a shot in their mouth, even if it numbs the procedure’s pain. For this reason, we offer topical anesthetic options to numb the area of your mouth that will receive the shot.

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